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Understanding "Vig"
 Mission Statement 
Vegas Sports Pros is dedicated to providing reliable handicapping services to those who are serious about betting on sports. Our mission is to provide picks that will deliver profitable returns over the long term. Our services are geared to those who enjoy the excitement of betting games on a daily basis. Our handicappers specialize in NFL, NBA, and MLB, thus ensuring our members of betting action throughout the year.
 Our Approach 
As a handicapping service, we are dedicated to making our members money through sports betting. Although, we expect our picks to win money every night, this is not always the case, as luck plays a factor in every game. However, as a dedicated sports bettor, you should expect to achieve profitable returns over the long run by using our service.
Why do our picks win?
We use a combination of statistical (objective), and situational and psychological (subjective) analysis to pick games. When we feel that both the objective and subjective analysis favors a certain side, it goes into our pool of picks for the day.
Why can sports betting be beaten?
As you may already know, lines are not set purely on statistical analysis and valid trends. The bookmakers main goal is to balance the money on both sides of the line, which means much of what goes into the line is based on public opinion. You may notice our picks will often contradict what public opinion may be. In these cases, the line is probably biased too far in one direction due to false opinions on a certain side. These opportunities are not present in every game, but exist often enough to find consistent winners.
Why do others fail?
Most handicappers, even professionals, succumb to the feeling of invincibility and become lazy in their analysis. They fail to see changes in trends and cannot adjust their betting strategies from sport to sport. For example, factors that are significant in the NFL donít always transcend into other leagues, such as the NBA. The few very successful handicappers eventually make enough a name for themselves that they rely on fancy marketing to sustain the viability of the handicapping services business. Often, they will live solely by their name and collect money from unsuspecting customers without actually delivering value. As a result, there are very few that can deliver consistent winners over the long haul. If you donít believe me, visit the trackpicks.com website and see how few actually turn profitable margins.
Why share your picks?
We understand the realities of sports betting and know that betting enough money to sustain a living would likely result in a huge variance of income from week-tow-week, month-to-month. Providing a service allows us to make a steady income, while providing other gamblers with a valuable service that they can also profit from.
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